Christmas nails!!!!

Hello again!!!! Well finally the Christmas mood has overwhelmed me. I’m in a good mood right now, feeling very excited to buy a Christmas tree and lots and lots of decorations. Also I’m starting to make my playlist for the Christmas week, and all seems to be perfect! I normally paint my nails black, or …

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baby it’s cold outside

Hello darlings! December has come, and the cold weather has already installed. The clothes are thicker now, and I must confess that I’m not such a big fan of wearing multiple layers and feeling like having 2 tonnes, that’s why I prefer to wear a shirt and a vest, it makes me feel more light:DI’m …

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Big brown eyes

Today is time for another make up post, because you gave me such a good feedback first time. Today’s make up it’s about brown eyes( because they are most common) and how to make them big and full of warm. You’ll see that I’ve choose green and yellow, but also a little bit of brown, …

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casual chic

Feeling you’re having a bad day???? U don’t feel in mood to wear high heels? yeah I know the feeling, but I also have a solution. I choose to be chic and casual, it;s simple : you need to follow three rules: 1, forget high heels, and 2 wear big accessories that help you get …

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Feel free to get inspired

Because lately I started to worry about what dress I’m going to wear in the New Year’s Eve, I thought I’m not probably the only one who has this issue, so today I sketch something that hopefully it will serve you and me . Both dresses are black because it’s so in this season, but …

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