Let’s smile

May 14, 2014 Written by Idareyoutobefashion - 30 Comments

Hello guys!
A new week is ahead and new dreams are starting to grow up with every minute! Let’s give thanks for what we have and be happy! I don’t know if I should smile right now, but I’m glad that I have the strength to do it(it probably means I’ve grown up a little bit , and I’m not so scared to live as I was two or three years ago).
Today’s post is about putting a smile on your face and let the worries behind, just living the life to the fullest !!
I think clothes have the power to change your mood(in my case almost always do)that’s why yesterday when I was having a crappy day I put all together this outfit just to start smiling again.
I wore:
Romwe dress- HERE
Lovelyshoes jacket- HERE
Vintage bag
Primark sandals
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