I need your help!!!!

March 19, 2013 Written by Idareyoutobefashion - 2 Comments

Hello guys, today I really need your help. 

I know this is supposed to be a fashion blog, and we are supposed to look pretty, be cool and always smile, but unfortunately the life is not made from sparkles and  glitter only, there’s the other side of the story . Here it goes: a good friend of mine ask me help for a coworker  who really needs  all your support because  3-4 days ago  she found  out she ‘s got breast cancer…Please take your time to read the rest of the post and share it on facebook or on your blogs and give this girl a chance to smile again.
 Don’t forget that 1$ can make the difference.
Alexandra Ivan is 32, she has never smoked, rarely drinks, eats healthy and goes to the gym every day. Despite this she has breast cancer. She is Romanian working in Dubai and her insurance will not cover her surgery and treatment. She has already spent thousands on diagnostics alone and her friends and family are desperately trying to raise the money to save her life, but even home in Romania she would need to go private to get the treatment she desperately needs.

We need only £1 from each person who likes and shares this page, but we need strength in numbers! I am asking for 50,000 hero’s out of the billion facebook users to step up and fund her treatment in Europe with just £1. She is an intelligent and wonderful girl, the type of person the world needs more of. She has worked hard all of her life to further her career and live a good life. I was fortunate enough to work with her for 2 years, she is dedicated, intelligent and handled all the stress with an infectious smile! 

Please, help her beat this disease and go on living life to the fullest. Please let other people in the world have the same amazing experience of getting to know her that I have been lucky enough to enjoy!

If it were your friend or relative in this situation what would you do? Would you give up? Or throw yourself at the mercy of the good hearted people of the world? 

We MUST raise this money, and all I ask of each of you is £1, thats $1.55, 1.15 Euros, 5.25 lei…..I am sure you can live without this tiny sum of money, but Alex cannot!

Guys, we have no time. She needs to commence treatment NOW to ensure it is effective. We are out of options and need your help URGENTLY. Please don’t let us down – if you can give more than £1 and are happy to do so, please do, but what we need is 50,000 hero’s who are willing to step forward, take the easiest possible step and SAVE A LIFE. Leave a message so we have 50,000 messages of support for Alex to read throughout her treatment. Leave your name so Alex knows the hero’s who gave back her life to her.

Here is the page where you can make donations  Alex wants to live

Thank you for your time,
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